Touch Screen Electronic Geyser Time Switch

Product Description
  • The programmable time switch can be used to automatically control pool pumps, lights, geysers, etc.
  • LCD touch-screen
  • Simple setting of time and programs
  • Multiple ON/OFF programs
  • Improved 15 minute segments
  • Graphical display on home screen of 24h program schedule
  • Compact size
  • Dual mount: Mini rail or DIN rail (remove escutcheon adapter)
  • Backup power displays time for 12 hours and keeps time for at least 24 hours. The programmed schedule is always retained.
  • Time switch has a by-pass (manual ON/OFF) capability
  • View the technical guide here
  • Supply Voltage: 230Vrms 50Hz, 1Ph
  • Maximum Load:
  • Resistive (Geysers, under floor heating, lights): 21A
  • Inductive (Pool pump, air conditioners): 10A
  • Contact Endurance: 25000 (Minimum) Operations
  • Degree of Ingress Protection (LCD Face): IP41 (Not waterproofed)
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C TO + 55°C
  • Single Segment Period: 15 min.
  • Maximum Period for all Segments: ±3 min. per month
  • Time Retention (Power Outage) 24h

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