Plastic Pole Mounting Box

sku: SPB1001
Product Description
    • Oval design allows more space for wiring
    • Accepts up to three single poles, below 100 A, or one single pole above 100 A, or one triple pole circuit breaker (not supplied)
    • Up to three operating slides can be fitted for independent circuit breaker operation
    • Orange slide visible from street level
    • Slide can be operated with a hooked rod or linkstick from the ground
    • Large terminals accept up to 50 m² cable
    • Fully weather proof
    • Convenient mounting methods for pole, cross arm or under insulator
    • Manufactured from tough polypropylene material impervious to UV, air gun pellets, etc.
    • Excludes Mounting Bracket MCBs, will accept 1, 2, 3-Pole MCBs Type QF, SF and QH
    R 410.00 incl. VAT incl. VAT

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