Shroud for QF and QA Breakers

sku: 3670094
Product Description
  • Shroud for QF and QA Breakers DIN rail. A cover for circuit breakers to offer extra coverage in meter boxes. Options offer the ability to cover multiple single phase as well as three phase breakers
  • Shroud 2 x 13mm QA Breakers / 1 x 26mm QF Breakers (Single phase)
  • Shroud 4 x 13mm QA Breakers / 2 x 26mm QF Breakers (Single phase)
  • Shroud 6 x 13mm QA Breakers / 3 x 26mm QF Breakers (Three phase)
  • Shroud 8 x 13mm QA Breakers / 4 x 26mm QF Breakers (Three phase and Single phase)
Amount & Size
R 114.00 incl. VAT incl. VAT

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