Surge Arrester with Indactaion 3 Pole 5kA - QFL-3

sku: QFLM0003
Product Description
  • QFL-3(13)
  • Required to be backed up by a QA MCB
  • Clip-in, Dual mounting Surge protection
  • Thermal disconnect device to prevent potential thermal runaway problems
  • One port SPD (no series impedance)
  • Voltage limiting / clamping type SPD
  • LED induction of the SPD condition, whilst ON, the SPD is functional, if OFF and the mains power is still available, then the SPD is no longer functional and should be replaced
  • One port SPD (no series impedance)
  • Compact size
  • For surge protection on incoming power supply in lighting protection zones in compliance with SANS 10142-1
  • For maximum efficiency ensure the installation is earthed in accordance with SANS IEC 61312
  • Poles: 3
  • Nominal Discharge Current (Max) : 5kA
  • Discharge Current (lmax) : 10kA
  • Voltage: 275V AC
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Rail Mount: Samite Mini Rail
  • MCB Width: 39mm
R 806.00 incl. VAT incl. VAT

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