CBi Dual Mount Earth Leakage 1 Pole + N 6kA 63A - QF17C

sku: QF17C63
Product Description
  • Hydraulic Magnetic technology results in accurate temperature independent tripping
  • Energy limiting capability on both switch and circuit breaker versions
  • Precision Tripping Characteristics
  • Trip indication with mid-trip position
  • Reset immediately after overload
  • Shell design allows for an easier installation onto busbar
  • Single phase without overload protection

  • Residential and commercial applications requiring high senssitivity earth leakage protection from electrical shock and fire hazards
  • Earth leakage protection
  • Telecom / datacom equipment
  • Lighting control
  • UPS equipment
  • Alternative energy equipment
  • Mobile power generation equipment
  • Railway signalling equipment
  • Industrial equipment

  • Earth Leakage Devices should be installed by a trained professional to prevent any damages or injury caused by incorrect installation
  • Single phase without overload protection
  • Required to be backed by suitable Short Circuit Protection Devices

Colour: Black
Material: Plastic
Mounting Type: Dual Mount
Poles: 1 + Neutral
Protection Type: Earth Leakage Protection without Overload Protection
Escutcheon: 57mm
kA Rating: 6kA
mA Rating: 30mA
Height: 92.8mm
Width: 26mm
R 1,575.00 incl. VAT incl. VAT