In this section we discuss frequently asked questions from the visitors on our site. Being a mega online shopping mall, visitors will be experiencing new shopping techniques that might have a few question marks at first. If you have a question that needs a detailed answer then please fill in the contact form below with your contact information so we can answer your questions within the hour.

What does it mean to sign in / save my details?

Sign In is a feature offered by us to make your Checkout process quicker and easier.


You can view your order history, set up multiple delivery addresses and include multiple forms of payment for future transactions

I've forgotten my password, what do I do?

On the login page click forgotten password. Enter your email address and we will send you a link where you will be able to create a new password. 
Once a new password is created, you will be able to login to your account.

Am I able to amend my order once it's submitted?

Yes. But this is not advisable as your order may be delayed. In order to amend your order, you will need to contact one of our dedicated sales consultants to make those order changes. 
These changes need to be made ASAP as we would want to avoid mix-ups and delivery delays. 
Livecopper will try to accommodate these amendments as best we can.

Are prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

All prices on the Livecopper website are VAT inclusive.

Can I have my order delivered to a different address?

Yes. There is an opportunity for you to enter the delivery address details on the address page of the Checkout. 
However, if you are registered with Livecopper, you can add additional addresses to your account.

Can I track my order?

Yes. Once your item has been dispatched you will receive an email with a courier link and your unique tracking number.
You will now be able to track your order online, however if you have any issues with tracking your order, please feel free to call: 033 9400 888.

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