Why Hydraulic-magnetic Circuit Breakers?


Here at CBi Online we try stock only the best CBI Electrical Solutions for you. CBi- electric:  low voltage is the only South African manufacturer of the more energy efficient Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker and also the only manufacturers to display the Energy Efficiency class of its products.


Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers cost more than Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers due to the following reasons:

  • Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakersare locally manufactured using a non-automated process – thus assisting in job creation
  • Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers - Imported


Once installed all circuit breakers consume energy irrespective of the technology, some more than others.  This is due to their internal resistive impedance.  The higher this internal resistive impedance the less efficient the circuit breaker is.  When current flows through a circuit breaker, the internal resistance acts as a “brake”, resulting in the conduction path to heat up.  With more current, more heat is produced and this heat is released into the atmosphere and equates to energy loss for which the customer must pay for.

  • Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers are more energy efficient due to its low resistive impedance and the fact that it is unaffected by changing ambient temperatures.
  • Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers by design are less energy efficient, as the technology is dependent on heat for the device to function – thus its name Thermal.


While Thermal-magnetic circuit breakers might be more reasonably priced, they are not energy efficient and therefore will cost you more to run.

Hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers might cost more to purchase, but this cost is cancelled out over its life cycle due to the savings released from the energy efficiency of the Hydraulic-magnetic technology.


  • Robyn Bezuidenhout